Meet our members

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Tracy Madison

Tracy's roots are immersed in music. She was raised on the classics of Rock, Blues, Country and American Roots music with her father introducing her to the artists that would shape her vocal style. Learning by ear was her gift, from guitar, to piano, songwriting and singing. Soul is a language that can't be taught and one she always innately understood.

Her formative years were steeped in theater,  vocal competitions and choral projects. With strong female influences from Etta James to Janis to Grace Slick, Tracy's stayed true to her passion for the untamed soul of her musical heroes. With a gypsy heart, she left theater to pursue her passion for music. She fronted a number of bands and musical projects along the way while raising a family as a young, single parent. 


In 2017, after years away from the mic, she took a leap of faith and along with Mike and Joe Menza, formed  not only a Band, but a force, with a mission to reignite the flame that was created and carried by the original artists that brought Blues and Rock 'n Roll to the world. Tracy's signature style of performing vocals that are typically delivered by men, gives this band an edge and an attitude that elevates them to higher ground.

Mike Menza

At only 28 years old, Mike Menza has already experienced a lifetime surrounded by The Blues. He grew up immersed in the sounds of authentic American Roots music, Rock 'n Roll  and the fine taste of aged, vintage guitars. Although rooted in the Blues, he was born and raised on the streets of New York City, enveloped in the sounds of Hip Hop and R&B, both of which he also retains a passion for. Once he picked up a guitar, he fell in love with the heart and soul of the roots of Rock 'n Roll....The Blues. And once he learned the licks of "The Masters", he never put that piece of wood back down.

Mike's  first band was formed in college. The Frontier, based in Syracuse, NY, changed his life. He felt it was his mission to keep the music of his hero's, alive. One by one he let go of his guitar pedals, learned the value of creating that "tone" with just his hands until finally he  whittled his way down to the way it should be... just an ol' Les Paul and a vintage amp. His father taught him right. He learned to be as pure and honest  as you can when you play so it hits you right  where you soul can feel it..... the heart.

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Joe Menza

Joe Menza is very proud and honored to be a part of the #1 chart topping Dion: Blues With Friends album. He is featured on the song Kickin' Child, and is thrilled to be surrounded by some of his greatest guitar heros!


Joe Menza has grown up under a "blue" lime light, and has traveled the many roads of Rock n Roll's finest golden era. For over 50 years, since the age of 14, Joe's played in many Rock 'n Roll groups and has worked in some of New York's finest recording studios. But it was back in 1971, when his friend Jack took him to see the Allman Brothers Band live at a skating rink in New Jersey, that his life changed forever.  Listening to Gregg sing the blues, watching Duane play slide, and Dickey cranking an old Les Paul, he finally heard the sounds that he had imagined in his head... those sounds of perfection, and that was it, he was hooked!


That sparked his craving to collect the guitars his mentors were playing...vintage guitars. Like Johnny Winter, Eric Clapton, Hendrix, BB and Albert King. His interest evolved beyond the music and the licks of his hero’s. He found the magic that lies only within the old instruments carved by hand in the 50’s and into the 60’s. Now known as a vintage guitar expert, collector, player and historian throughout the world, he is owner of Best Guitars in NYC. He has passed that love and appreciation for the music, its creators and the instruments to his son Mike and to the rest of the band. We as a band will carry that appreciation and continue to keep the flame lit, hopefully for many generations to come. Now here he is, rockin' with the Menza Madison Band, playing with the tone, experience, and that little bit of attitude that distinguishes this band from all the rest.

Tim Chanowitz

Born in Newburgh, NY, Tim has resided in Walkill, NY for the past 35 years.  Happily married to Kim with 4 children, 5 dogs, 3 cats and 2 horses..

Tim has been playing the bass guitar since he was 13 years old. He proudly played his first gig before he even knew how to tune it! His band played for 4 hours, only knew 4 songs... 3 originals and 1 cover tune and nobody in the band could sing, but they still got paid! (Big cash, $5.00)


Through the years Tim has brought his talent to a plethora of musical collaborations including wedding bands, a heavy metal original band and too many bar bands to list. His seasoned hands can play anything from Soulful Blues, Rock 'n Roll, Southern Rock and Jazz and he has become a rich toned vocalist to boot. After all these years, Tim has found a home with the MMB

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Richie Sarles

Richie Sarles is a seasoned drummer and song writer living in the Hudson Valley of NY.  Since the 1964-65 Worlds Fair, he has been performing at venues up and down the East coast from Massachusetts to Virginia and spanning just as much turf when it comes to musical genres.

The early 1970's found Richie playing with the Pecksville Flyers in the NY/New England area, an eclectic, original Rock' n Roll band with Country roots. The Flyers introduced him to some of the most creative and talented musicians of the era. They provided Richie a means to develop his skills as a musician and a songwriter.

His bandmates began schoolin' him in The Blues during his teenage years while they traveled around to colleges throughout New England to perform.

Following a period in the late 70's while he was performing in the DC area, including a brief stint with Junior Cline and The Recliners at their inception, Rich returned to the NY area. Here he has spent the last 40 years working with such notable acts as The Daily Planet, Rockinitus, The Commander Cody Band and for over 20 years, Borderline.

This long and winding road of music has now led him to the Menza Madison Band where he finds himself back playing the music of his formative years.. Blues, Soul and Rock 'n Roll.