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dion's chart topping album:

blues with friends Is Hittin' the note!

reviews for joe menza on kickin' child-

Kickin’ Child was issued in 1965, when Dion’s bosses at Columbia Records were actively discouraging him from pursuing rock’n’roll. The revamped model, with Joe Menza adding twangy blues licks, spits and crackles like the wild protagonist it describes.


‘Kickin’ Child’ is a bright but laid back affair that rolls along effortlessly like something from JJ Cale, with twinkling guitar embroidery from Joe Menza. - Bluesenthused.com

‘Kickin’ Child’ features blues guitarist Joe Menza and is a track written & recorded by Dion in 1965 and featured on the album by the same name in 2017, but unhappy with the final version, it is re-recorded here with Menza lifting the whole track with a smooth blues guitar running through the entire track.  - metalplanetmusic.com

Kickin’ Child features Joe Menza (not only does he play a mean guitar here and in the Menza Madison Band, he owns the Best Guitars in New York site…envious? Moi?!) It’s a rerecording of an older song with a bit of soul buried in it. Joe puts in some lovely phrasing throughout as Dion does a grand job with the vocal and the guitar solo is understated, fitting and very, very good. -Bluesdoodles.com

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